Holifield Engineering employs a small but dynamic team of engineers, technicians, operators, and students interested in engineering with projects in aerospace and marine industries.

High school students, current college students, and community members seeking internships or employment at Holifield Engineering are encouraged to apply. Holifield Engineering works with full time and part time schedules as well as seasonal employees (summer/winter between school semesters). Contact us to see how we can use your schedule. 

Application Information

Applicants should send an email to info@holifieldengineering.com containing the following:

Subject line: "Your Name-Employment Inquiry and Resume"

Attachment: Attach an updated resume detailing employment history, education, and relevant skills. 

Email Body: Include a cover letter or "Statement of Interest" detailing experiences, relevant skills, and any other information relating to employment with Holifield Engineering. 

We try to process applications within one week of receiving, however if no response has been received from a Holifield Engineering representative, send an email to info@holifieldengineering.com. Do not turn in resumes in person; with our widely dynamic schedules we are unable to designate a single time within a week where management will be present, so use the email for only.