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Holifield Engineering, Inc. is a licensed professional engineering firm through the state of Mississippi specializing in CNC rapid prototyping and production, engineering process support, and metrology services. Founded in 1995, we support aerospace, marine, and general engineering businesses in Mississippi and across the country. 

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composite fixtures/molds

Aluminum, MDF, RenShape, and more, Holifield Engineering provides low cost fixtures and molds for all your composite needs. 

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core production

In prototype to production, Holifield Engineering provides the means for success for structural core production in marine and aerospace applications.

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metrology services

On site or in house, the metrology services by Holifield Engineering provides laser and 3D arm measurement for your custom fixtures and assemblies. 

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system integration

Unsure of the process or style? Allow us to do the work. Holifield Engineering's rapid prototyping services provides full loop integration on processes and applications for your facilities. 

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